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At Camp Jam, we maintain world-class customer satisfaction ratings as determined by our post-camp student and parent satisfaction surveys.   But don’t take our word for it!  Below are some testimonials from some of our parents and students.  If you have any questions, drop us a message or give us a call!  1-800-513-0930


“This was one of the best experiences of my life. I had fun learning about something I love.  It’s so nice to have other musicians to back your dreams. I’m so glad I came. I will  NEVER forget this!”
-Amanda B, Vocalist – PA, USA

“I was so impressed with every aspect of your awesome program (the professionalism of the staff, the incredible opportunities for my son, the one of a kind program and the exceptional facilities!!) This was the best investment in my son’s development as both an individual and a performer that I could have made!  Camp Jam RULES!!”
– Jan Walsh, California

“I can’t imagine more music and fun in one week than this”
-Erin M Guitarist/Vocalist/Pianist – LA, USA

“My daughter loved attending Camp Jam, she says she had the best time in her entire life. She made great friends, gained confidence in herself and abilities and learned so much. She is looking forward to next year!”
– Leah Hammel, Illinois

“I would certainly give the strongest possible testimonial.  Not only did Austin’s musicianship increase exponentially after each program, his self-confidence, his outgoingness, and the scope of his world-view also increased by leaps and bounds with each session he attended.  As would be expected (or hoped), after his first session, Austin’s garage band metamorphosed into a working band with consistent gigs around the area.  With each subsequent session, the stage presence and professionalism of the band increased noticeably. But beyond the Rock and Roll, Austin has matured into a ‘go-to guy’, the person his peers (and often his teachers) turn to when they want to get something done.  Austin has been recruited as coach for several area bands who want to tighten up their act.  Austin has been called on (too) frequently to organize a show when his school or local organizations decide, often at the last minute, that some live entertainment would be nice at an activity.  He has recorded, arranged, and produced local artists and school musical groups.  Even outside of music, people have begun to turn to Austin when they want to launch a project and get it moving.   I credit Austin’s Camp Jam experience with shaping and molding this “… we can DO this…” attitude.  Confidence, competence, and a willingness to stand in front of the world and risk it all…You all do a tremendous job of fostering the skills at the root of success and happiness…As a parent, I can’t tell you how comforting it was to see the care that was taken by the CJ staff to insure the safety and well-being of the kids under your supervision.  For Austin’s first CJ experience, I deliberately chose a location which I knew was a sleepy setting in the middle of nowhere. After seeing the organization and attention of the staff at this first location, I had no qualms about sending Austin to the middle of NYC or downtown Washington, D.C.  I could relax and enjoy the week, knowing that Austin was very, very well looked after. Austin is off to college in the fall.  He has received a scholarship to pursue a degree in music, music production, and audio recording.  And, YES, you all did have a great deal to do with this.”
– Thom, Pennsylvania

“My son has been to 5 Camp Jam in the last 4 years.  We googled “rock and roll music camp” and found it! It was exactly what we were looking for, he was 12 at the time, playing guitar and loving metal music.  His experiences at this camp have been one of profound growth.  Each session he attends he comes back more centered and mature.  The sleep away at college aspect has taught him accountability for his behaviors and he really loves being treated like a “grown up”.  He has learned tolerance, acceptance and respect of others (even his parents!)  After his first two sessions (first year back to back weeks) he decided he wanted to become a producer. He was humbled by the talent at the camp and realized he had a long way to go to be a performer. I thought at first he might not want to go back but he said, “NO! I just need to practice more!” Since those first 2 sessions he has held to his goal and he is ALWAYS practicing.  I don’t know about you, but I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up at age 12!  He has learned the music business is difficult and he needs to go to college as well as pursue music. His passions may lead him in another direction, but we believe that just having a goal at this age is incredible. This has not just been a way for us to keep our kid busy during the summer.  Camp Jam has been instrumental in shaping him as a young adult and headed him in a very positive direction too. We are truly grateful for his opportunity there and he will keep coming every year until he is too old, he absolutely loves it… Thanks to all who have influenced our child. We couldn’t recommend the program more highly.”
– Carol, Arizona

“Isaac has participated for several years in Dallas and Commerce. He is now 18 and just graduated from Tennent HS in Warminster, PA. Just had to brag: he received a full ride 5-year scholarship at Drexel U in Philadelphia for their accelerated masters program in computer engineering – including cooperative work semesters with Lockheed-Martin, Comcast, etc. BUT when he visited campus in April he auditioned for the concert band and now has another $1000 scholarship for that program, as well. Thanks for all of the great experiences he has had at Camp Jam through the years. I know he will miss drumming with you all this summer!”
– Proud Grandma Joan P

“Camp Jam” was a wonderful experience for [my son].  He got to experience many things that he would have never gotten to otherwise. When we dropped him off at The University of Washington we were comforted immediately that he would be taken care of and at the same time left to be independent in a safe way.  Jesse will be returning next year and wants to go for 2 weeks this year.  This experience also made him decide to attend the University after high school.  Can’t get that kind of stuff at regular camp! Thank you Camp Jam!!”
– Helen Larson, Washington

“Camp Jam” Summer Sessions are an exciting and educational experience for any teen with a desire for music. My 14 year old daughter attended for the first time in 2007, and did not want the week to end. She not only experienced the life of a musician but made many friends who share the same interest in music. She is an extremely talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist; who for the first time met teens who share the same passion. What a phenomenal experience! The CJ staff were all extremely experienced, caring, and helpful in so many ways. Keep up the good work and the world will keep music in it’s heart forever!!”
– Rhea Thompson, South Dakota

“My son had an excellent experience at Camp Jam this summer in [San Francisco]. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly and professional in their behavior. My son learned so much about the music industry and enjoyed the lectures as well as all the time to play and creative music. I hope he can attend again next summer. I highly recommend Camp Jam.”
– Sara Palmer, North Carolina

“This was Mark’s 2nd summer attending Camp Jam. He thoroughly enjoyed the band he was assigned to and also loved hanging out with the guys in his suite.  He said the classes were highly informative and the overall experience just keeps getting better each year.  He’s looking forward to attending again next summer, and we’re looking forward to sending him.”
– Diane Duralde, California

“My son had a great time.  He said it was the best thing he has ever done. He has told all his friends and I played his CD at work for my co-workers. It is amazing!  He loved his time there and had nothing negative to say about the experience.  He has grown and changed so much.  Thank you! He is definitely planning on attending again next year.”
– Vicki Rinkerman, Connecticut

“This summer my son Alex had the opportunity to attend Camp Jam for the first time.  He had only been playing the guitar for less than a year, so he wasn’t sure how it would be for him.  Well, I can tell you he had a BLAST!!!  After the first day he wanted to stay for the second session, but there were no spots left for lead guitar.  The accommodations were great; the kids were busy all day either learning their songs to play for the concert or attending seminars.  Supervision was outstanding!  The kids are held to high standards and are encouraged to have fun but behave appropriately.  The highlight of the week for Alex was meeting one of his favorite bands at the Friday night concert for the students.  He can’t wait to go back again next summer and hopefully stay for two sessions this time.”
-Maren Milton, New York

“My daughter’s confidence in her ability to improvise, compose and work as part of a musical team was greatly enhanced by her experience at  Camp Jam   .  She intends to study music in college, and we were hoping that Camp Jam would serve as a sort of “testing ground” for her ambition.  Her dream of being a professional musician was affirmed at Camp Jam   . She especially benefited from the private lessons and one-on-one advice of her keyboard instructor. I’ve never see her shine the way she did on stage during the final concert.  Thank you for an experience that has touched our whole family.”
– Judy Pancoast, New Hampshire

“The people you work with and learn from, and the powerful, entertaining environment… will show you personal growth and provide opportunities. I’m very glad I found out about this and went for it.”
-Seth N Drummer/DJ – OR, USA

“An intense music experience….a dream come true!”
-Max K, Guitarist/Vocalist – CA, USA

“Thanks for an amazing experience and helping me see that my future career as a singer  is bright, and that I can do it! I am DEFINITELY coming back next year.”
-Tori B, Vocalist – Atlanta, GA

“Attending camp really made me excited to practice and get better after having such a great time being in a band. I want to be ready to show off on stage next year!”
– Joseph T. – Chicago, IL


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